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Post  Printessa / Admin on Tue Apr 14, 2009 11:00 am

Sugar Cookie Cuneiform

When my older children first studied the Ruins, I made tablets out of clay and let them decorate them with triangle shaped wedges. Later on, when we were studying fossils, I was inspired to let them make their own fossils by pressing objects into left over gingerbread cookie dough to make an impression before baking. We then dusted the "fossils" with powdered sugar so they showed up better.
Thus, we come to sugar cookie cuneiform. I really like projects you can eat, because the kids still get to have fun, I don't have to store a bunch of junk precious treasures, and no one is upset because I threw away the project they worked so hard on.
Eatable Projects..... 2938081173_c22579233e
Writing In "Cuneiform"

If you decide to do this project, be sure to take pictures before baking. The dough puffs up quite a bit and the writing doesn't show up very good after baking.
We have also done this when we where studying ancient coins and the kids made their own out of sugar cookie dough by making little one inch circles and decorating them then once baked to took gold and silver eatable paint to highlight (kind of drybrushing) the designs on the coin cookies... Very Happy
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