Gifts In A Jar: Candy Cane Bath Salts

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Gifts In A Jar: Candy Cane Bath Salts Empty Gifts In A Jar: Candy Cane Bath Salts

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Ok so my daughter and her friends had a sleep over last weekend and made some of these to take home each girl made 2 one for themselves and one for their moms.... I'm quite sure you can half the recipe and only make 6 jars...
Makes 12 gift jars at a cost approximately $1.50 per jar.
Gifts In A Jar: Candy Cane Bath Salts G_bathcc2
Includes free printable gift tags.
here is a link for a printable PDF file of the tags

Materials and Supplies for Candy Cane Bath Salts:
Gifts In A Jar: Candy Cane Bath Salts G_bathcc1
12 tall jelly (12-ounce) canning jars with lid and rings

2 4-pound cartons Epsom Salts (approximately 16 cups)
4 pounds sea salt or Kosher salt (approximately 6 cups)
1/2 teaspoon glycerin, divided
12 to 15 drops peppermint essential oil
12 to 15 drops red food color

2 pieces cardstock (for tags)


Wash, rinse and dry canning jars.

Empty one carton Epsom Salts into large mixing bowl or batter bowl. Add 3 cups sea salt, stir well. Stir in 1/4 teaspoon glycerin and 6 to 8 drops essential oil. Mix well.

In second large mixing bowl, empty one carton Epsom Salts, and add 3 cups sea salt. Stir well. Add 1/4 teaspoon glycerin, 6 to 8 drops essential oil, and food color. Stir until completely blended. Color should be even.

gifts in a jar:candy cane bath salts tip: use a heavy-duty stand mixer (such as Kitchenaid-brand) to mix bath salts easily. Set mixer to lowest setting and mix until color is even--but don't try this with hand mixers or smaller stand mixers!

Holding canning jars at an angle, layer salts in jars, alternating white and colored mixtures.

Print two copies of the Candy Cane Bath Salts gift tag.

Cut gift tags apart and attach to jars. Tags may be trimmed and placed beneath canning jar rings, tied on with ribbon, or taped to gift jars.

Tip: decorative canning jar lids add presentation punch for a small price! Try red or green gingham lids for Candy Cane Bath Salts, while Peach lids add a designer touch to Peaches 'n Cream Bath Salts. Find decorative canning jar lids in the canning section of the supermarket.

This recipe makes 12 12-ounce gift jars, plus a bonus of 3 to 4 cups extra bath salts.

Makes 12 gift jars.
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