DIY Bird Feeder

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DIY Bird Feeder

Post  Printessa / Admin on Fri May 08, 2009 4:10 pm

So we found this project online. And my kids LOVE it when birds come around. So we decided to try this out... It works great. Unlike the pics and directions say to use a premade refrigerater bread. We make bread at home all the time and I made some homemade Sourdough bread, I figured any hard crusted bread would do quite well... And it did... We also made a couple of these since I was making a batch of dough so we made the bird a couple of heart shaped ones and a star one, and made a loaf of bread for ourselfs to eat sunny

Anyways here is the directions:
intro: Bird Feeder Bird
Make a bird to feed your birds! Inspired by the wild parrots of Telegraph Hill calling out in droves to wake me in the morning, I made a parrot to feed them.
Using bread as a base and peanut butter as the glue, I covered this bird in seeds that parrots like best. Find out what your local birds like to eat from a pet shop, and
attract them to your yard!

step 1 Materials
bird seed
peanut butter
bread dough
coat hanger or other heavy gauge wire
baking sheet
dowel (opt)

step 2 Prepare base

Shape your wire/coat hanger into desired armature. It wants to be big enough and go through enough of the dough that it won't just slip right out once it's done and laden with seeds.

Shape your dough around the armature to resemble your finished shape. In this case, I left wire below the dough as well which turned out to be a good idea, since I needed to add a "perch."

step 3 Bake
Bake bread according to package directions.
If applicable, attach perch. This is way easier to do now than it will be when it's covered with seeds. Wrap wire around dowel or other handy device.
Check the balance and adjust hanger as necessary.

step 4 Cover that Bird

Slather both sides of feeder with peanut butter
Pour seeds on and pat to set in place
You're done!

Now it's time to take Your bird feeder outside

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