Lam Luong should be dropped from the pearly gates straight to HELL!

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Lam Luong should be dropped from the pearly gates straight to HELL! Empty Lam Luong should be dropped from the pearly gates straight to HELL!

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Lam Luong should be dropped from the pearly gates straight to HELL! Lam-luong-300x236 All of us who are married have been there, fighting with the spouse. Sometimes you win the argument, and sometimes you don’t. I think we have all fantasized about whacking our spouse in their pointy little head from time to time or dreamed of some other way to pay them back for whatever transgression we believe them to have committed.

This charming little fellow is Lam Luong, 38 of Bayou La Batre, Alabama. On January 7, 2008 he and his common-law wife, Kieu Ngoc Phan, 23, had a disagreement, and it must have been a whopper. Instead of heading out to the local bar and pounding back a few until he cooled off like the rest of us normal human beings would do, Lam Luong decided that the only way he could really get back at the little woman and teach her who was boss, was to throw their four children off the 80 foot tall Dauphin Island Bridge. And that is exactly what this sorry excuse for a man did.
Lam Luong should be dropped from the pearly gates straight to HELL! The-of-the-childen-300x236 He drove Ryan, 3, Hanna, 2, Lindsey, 1, and baby Danny, 4 months, to the bridge and one by one, threw all of these helpless and defenseless children off the highest point of the bridge into the freezing water of the Mississippi sound. He then tried to file a missing persons report for his children saying that a mysterious woman named Kim had taken his children. The police did not believe him. It took divers almost two weeks to find all of their tiny battered little bodies off the coasts of Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. The autopsies showed that their deaths were caused by blunt force trauma and drowning. They were alive when their Daddy tossed them off the bridge. It is heart breaking to think that their last thought might have been “why Daddy?”

For over a year, Lam Luong has stuck to his story about the mysterious Kim and proclaimed his innocence. But on March 5, 2009, Lam Luong finally admitted to the murders. In a pre-trial hearing, he stunned the court and his own attorneys by writing a letter of confession to the judge, changing his plea to guilty and asking for the death sentence. Under Alabama law, all capitol murder cases must be tried, so Lam Luong will face a jury next week. The jury will decide on whether he should get the death penalty or life in prison. Unfortunately, the state of Alabama can only execute this f**cking piece of sh*t once. But instead of a nice painless lethal injection, maybe there is a higher bridge somewhere in the state they could throw him off of. Into concrete. Roast in hell motherf**ker. (sorry about the language, but nothing else seemed to convey my sentiments).

UPDATE: “I am pleading guilty for what I have done. I request the death penalty as soon as possible. That is my request — Lam Luong.”

Those were the words of Lam Luong in a written confession read aloud in court. However, less than one week after that written confession was read, Lam Luong changed his plea back to not guilty.

The man who pleaded guilty to throwing his four children off the Dauphin Island bridge changed his plea Wednesday to not guilty.

Prosecutors say Lam Luong had the change of heart when he realized, that despite his guilty plea, he was still going to be tried on the capital murder charges.

UPDATE: Lam Luong Sentenced to Death
Lam Luong should be dropped from the pearly gates straight to HELL! Lam-luong2-219x300 Hallelujah there is justice in the world after all.

Ya’ll remember Lam Luong? He is the piece of shit, pathetic excuse for a father that threw his children, Ryan Phan, 3; Hannah Luong, 2; Lindsey Luong, 1; and Danny Luong, 4 months, off the 100’ tall Dauphin Island bridge and into the coastal waters of Alabama on Jan. 8, 2008. He brutally murdered his children to get back at his wife and teach her a lesson, the ultimate example of domestic violence and child abuse. Or how to be a really big child murdering asshole in one easy step.

Before pronouncing sentence, Mobile County Circuit Judge Charles Graddick told Lam that there is only one penalty for a crime this heinous and cruel. Graddick said the final moments of the four children’s lives were sheer terror, filled with extreme fear and pain. Especially for three-year-old Ryan who the state argued knew what was going on around him. State Medical Examiner, Karen Kelly testified at Lam’s trial that all four of the children were still alive when they hit the water. The cause of death was blunt force trauma and drowning, so they were aware of who was throwing them to their deaths and of the terrifying plunge off of the bridge.

Yesterday, Judge Graddick sentenced Lam to death by lethal injection. He further ordered that Luong be shown photographs of the four children every day that he sits on death row. Judge Graddick further ordered Lam to pay $50 million in restitution thus preventing Lam from profiting on any book, interview or movie sales. Lam began crying and apologized to his wife, Kieu, in Vietnamese, telling her (via court appointed translator) “I apologize to my wife.” Lam’s defense had argued that he was not guilty of capitol murder, but of the lesser charge of manslaughter due to his extreme intoxication at the time of the crime. Thankfully, the jury and the Judge saw through this sorry excuse.
Lam Luong should be dropped from the pearly gates straight to HELL! Luong-kid-mom-208x300 District Attorney John Tyson, Jr. told reporters after the sentencing, “I had not anticipated that (the showing of the photographs), but the court was so moved by the facts of this case and those pictures are now the law in this case.” Those pictures include photographs taken before and after the murder. For baby Danny, they are the only photographs of him ever taken.

Speaking of the unusual provision of the sentence, the children’s uncle, Kam Phengsisboum, said “Make him think a little bit, suffer a little bit. Right now, I’m sure he’s got lots of friends waiting on him over at Atmore (prison).” If only that were true, but death row inmates are segregated from the general population. Individuals typically spend 10-12 years on Alabama’s death row as their appeals go through the system before facing the death chamber. I hope that the Alabama Department of Corrections takes to heart the orders of Judge Graddick and not only shows Lam the photographs of his children every day, but wallpapers his tiny cell with them so that there is no escape from what he did. Let him see their smiling, shining faces in life, and their cold sightless eyes in death and may they haunt him for the rest of eternity.

“Sometimes, there is just evil and that’s what we have in this case.” District Attorney John Tyson, Jr.

January 8, 2008 – Lam throws the children to their death from the Dauphin Bridge.
January 12, 2008 – Danny Phan’s remains are found by duck hunters in a marsh near Port Aux Pin, Alabama.
January 13, 2008 – Ryan Phan’s remains are discovered in Bayous La Fouche Bay, Alabama.
January 15, 2008 – Lindsey Phan’s remains are discovered near Pascagoula, Mississippi.
January 20, 2008 – Hannah Phan’s remains are recovered near Venice, Louisiana.
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