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Something To Do, Boys: A Book for Wide Awake Boys (PDF ebook) –

Something to do,boys: A Book for Wide Awake Boys! By Edna Abigail Foster

This immensely appealing and well illustrated volume was edited by Edna Foster and originally published way back in 1916. It is a great old fashioned collection of hands-on projects and activities for boys (and girls too!) who love to make things, grow things, build things, and create their own fun. It is a diverse collection of fully illustrated plans for such things as:

Toy building
Furniture building
Construction projects
Games to play
Raising small animals
Foods to make and eat
Art projects
Nature projects
… and much more. Contains over 100 activites with illustrations from over 20 different authors and illustrators.

This is a BIG ol’ PDF download but well worth your time. Check it out… and have a great weekend!
1916 - 252 pages - Crafts & Hobbies Books For Boys (children) Something
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