Math Numbers Lesson grades 2-3 sometimes 1st can be used as a fun way to review material in any subject

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Math Numbers Lesson grades 2-3 sometimes 1st can be used as a fun way to review material in any subject

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Elementary Math Numbers Lesson

This activity is a math review.

OVERVIEW: This activity can be used as a review of material
covered in any subject. The number of items can be
increased or decreased as needed.

PURPOSE: To review material covered in a fun way. The
students pay close attention because they're never sure when
their answer will be called.
OBJECTIVE(s): Students will review concepts, facts, or
other skills.
RESOURCES/MATERIALS: Unlined cards. Series of problems or
Prepare a set of cards. To make a set of cards, plan a
series of problems, making sure not to duplicate any of the
answers. Starting with the first card, write a problem on
the lower half of the card. The answer is on the top of the
next card along with the next problem. Continue generating
problems until you have at least one card for each student.
A card or cards are dealt to each player. Choose one
student to start the activity by reading the problem on the
bottom of this card to the class. All other students listen
carefully to see if their card contains the answer. The
student who has the answer reads the answer aloud and then
reads the rest of his card to the class. Again, all
students listen to see if
their card has the answer. Play continues until all cards
have been answered and the person who started the review
would have the answer to the last problem read.
Sample questions.
2 (at top of card)
I have two. Who has nine times this number?
18(at top of card)
I have eighteen. Subtract three from this. What is the
I have five. Multiply this number by four. What is the
I have twenty. Subtract seventeen from this. Who has the
I have three. Multiply this number by seven. What's the
I have twenty-one. Who has ten more than this number?
I have thirty-one. Subtract twenty from this. What is your
I have eleven. Multiply this number by six. If you add
four to that, what is our answer?
I have seventy. What is half of that?
I have thirty-five. Add one to this number. Now divide by
nine. Who has that number?
I have four. Triple this number. Multiply that answer by
two. What do you have?
I have seventy-two. Subtract twelve. What is your answer?
I have fifty-four. What is fourteen less than this number?
I have thirty-six. What is ten less than this number?
I have twenty-six. Subtract two dozen from this. What
is the answer?
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