Recycle the kids old Puzzles for new Memories!

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Recycle the kids old Puzzles for new Memories! Empty Recycle the kids old Puzzles for new Memories!

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Great for kids of all ages even the young and old....
Recycle the kids old Puzzles for new Memories! Wastenot
This is another great project you can do when trying to teach the kids specially the little ones about recycling, and that recycling does not necessarily mean seperating you plastic, glass and paper into little bens that it can be fun aswell as means for creativity....

Check out the Homeschooling forum for new topics on Recycling Lesson Plans for Kendergarden and elementry school grades

Have an old puzzle that is missing some pieces? How about some photographs that need framing? If you said yes, then you and the kids have a fun project ahead of you! These easy and personalized frames make wonderful gifts for relatives.
What You Need:
photograph for framing
piece of cardboard a little larger than your photo
4 ice cream sticks
15 puzzle pieces (will need more or less depending on puzzle piece size)
tempera paint in colors of your choice
various buttons and doodads for decoration
Craft glue
hot glue
What You Do:
Using craft glue, adhere the photograph to the piece of cardboard. Use craft glue to attach the ice cream sticks around the photograph as shown in figure 1. Trim cardboard so that it is just larger than the photograph. Set aside to dry.
Lay newspaper down on table and place puzzle pieces face up. Have the children paint the puzzle pieces in the colors of your choice. You may need 2-3 coats for some depending on the color of paint and the darkness of the pattern on the puzzle pieces.

When the puzzle pieces are dry and are the color you want, use hot glue to adhere them to the ice cream sticks. Alternate colored puzzle pieces as desired, work your way around the frame, be sure that pieces overlap and do not leave any gaps between pieces.

After all pieces are glued in place, use hot glue to adhere small buttons and doodads of your choice around frame.

For a simple hanger, hot glue a piece of sturdy string or yarn across the back of the cardboard.
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